Whiplash Injury, Whiplash Exercises, and Whiplash Stretches

Whiplash Rehab & Whiplash Stretches with the NecksLevel Pro

What is Neck Whiplash Rehabilitation?

MAfter a whiplash injury, serious neck pain and stiffness is common but can be treated with the right neck rehab program to get you back to freedom from neck pain. 

What is a whiplash injury? 
A neck injury caused by a sudden and forceful movement of the head and neck during an accident or sporting event. Whiplash sufferers report neck pain, neck stiffness, spasms, and headaches. 

Your options for whiplash rehab:
Your medical provider may recommend physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, rest, and/or home exercises to help your neck. For more serious cases we recommend getting professional help from a therapist (check out our Clinic Locator to find a NecksLevel provider). Otherwise, whiplash rehab from home is common and effective with the right exercises and equipment.  

Why is my neck stiff after a whiplash injury?
After a whiplash injury, the neck muscles are very tense and often in spasm. Neck muscle tightness limits your neck range of motion, so moving your head will be difficult and often painful. The good news is that there are whiplash exercises which will help relax the neck and build up your neck strength. 

Whiplash Rehab: Where to Start with Neck Exercises

MIt's difficult to know where to start the healing journey after a neck whiplash injury. Here's a few simple places to begin:

Heat for Whiplash Rehab: A hot pack for the neck, or a hot shower can help relax your tense, sore neck muscles. This is a great first step. Do this regularly if you find it helpful.

Gentle Whiplash Neck Stretching: Here's a video of a great head turning exercise to help stretch out your tight neck muscles. The same exericse is even better on the NecksLevel Pro for a deeper stretch (video) after a neck whiplash injury - see below.

MWhiplash Neck Isometrics: What are isometrics? They're a simple, but effective way to strengthen the neck. We want to start gently strengthening the neck muscles to help them recover and get strong again. There's many ways to do them, but to start we recommend lying down, with you head supported. Here's what isometrics look like on the NecksLevel Pro:

M*Important Note on Whiplash Rehab*
It's important to start slow and be gentle early on in the neck whiplash recovery journey. Your neck is on high alert and can be easily aggravated with too much activity too soon. This is where getting proper guidance in a clinic or from home is very important. Below is a video highlighting three foundational exercises on the NecksLevel Pro which serve as a great place to start stretching and strengthening the neck. 

Whiplash Rehab Stretching & Neck Exercise on the NecksLevel Pro


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