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Pro Clinic Bundle


For clinics ready for the best in neck rehab

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Professional neck rehab & strengthening system for clinicians. Improve neck strength & neck mobility with functional neck exercise in any position. Neck rotation, sidebend, & flexion/extension strengthening all in one device & perfect for your clinic.

  • Simplified neck strengthening for any patient
  • Differentiate your clinic as a leader in Neck & Concussion rehab
  • Loved by patients
  • No setup required, efficient to use
  • Training Videos included for easy implementation
  • Neck rehab in any position (supine, prone, sitting, standing)
HSA/FSA-eligible with Truemed logo .
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  • Ships within 1 business day
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 60-Day Free Returns

What's Included

  • 1 NecksLevel Glide Pro device
  • 1 Wall Mount (wood stud mounting screws included)
  • 3 MaxGrip Headbands
  • NecksLevel hardshell case
  • Standard resistance set (Levels 1-3)
  • Advanced resistance set (Levels 4-6)
  • Clinician training video
  • 2 NecksLevel Rehab Protocols with video guides
  • Exercise Poster

Key Features

NecksLevel Glide Pro:

  • Built-in Goniometer
  • 10% more glider travel vs. NecksLevel Glide
  • Second generation SmoothGlide™ system
  • 6 resistance bands for full spectrum neck strengthening

Wall Mount:

  • 32" of height adjustment for sitting & standing use
  • Quick NecksLevel mounting & removal
  • Numbered scale for documenting height
  • Mounts to wood or metal studs
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One system for comprehensive Neck Rehab

Say goodbye to awkward neck exercises. Simplify neck strengthening and range of motion exercise with the NecksLevel Pro Clinic Bundle.

Neck Rehab for Everyone

NecksLevel in Supine & Prone

Table exercises your patients will enjoy

Simple neck exercises that are easily progressed and objective. With gravity-free positioning and the SmoothGlideglider, neck rehab is comfortable and effective for everyone. Exercise options include rotation, isometrics, chin tucks, extension, and sidebending.

NecksLevel in Sitting

Progress to functional positions

Seated neck strengthening with the Wall Mount allows for exercise progressions from the table and is accessible to patients that aren't able to lie down. These exercises are replicable and don't require supervision.

NecksLevel in Standing

Say goodbye to the ball on the wall

Targeted neck strengthening in a functional position is now simple and progressive. Face-in and Face-out NecksLevel exercises will uniquely challenge all of the neck muscle groups, perfect for anyone that needs a stronger, healthier neck.

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  • Brett Winchester, DC

    Owner - Winchester Spine & Sport, International Speaker

    "The NecksLevel is very clinician friendly and very patient friendly. Our patients like it and we've seen great results."

  • Aaron McGuiness, DPT, OCS

    Owner - Aspire Physical Therapy

    "The NecksLevel is very practical in the clinic. Easy to set up. It's a wonderful device."

  • Lauree Katz, MPT

    Owner - EmpowerU Physical Therapy

    "All private practice physical therapy clinics should always have a NecksLevel."

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  • Quick-Change Resistance

    Swapping resistance levels is
    quick & easy
  • MotionScale

    Built-in Goniometer for
    tracking patient progress
  • Patented SmoothGlide Bearings

    Patients love the smoothness,
    you'll love the results
  • All parts easily replaced

    Resistance bands, headband,
    & head pad
  • Mounts to wall in seconds

    Easily moved from table
    to wall for versatility
  • Lower profile (2" tall)

    Improved neck alignment
    during exercise
  • Height Adjustable

    32 inches of vertical movement
    for people of all sizes
  • Functional neck exercise

    Sitting & standing options for
    comprehensive neck rehab
  • Mounts to Wall

    No assembly required, just
    drill into studs and ready to go

Pro Clinic Bundle


NecksLevel Clinician Tutorial Protocols and video

Complete Clinician Training with the Pro Clinic Bundle

Includes 10 minute Clinician Training Video, two NecksLevel Rehab Protocols, and Exercise Cheat Sheet Poster

Learn More

NecksLevel Pro Clinic Bundle


How much wall space is need for the Wall Mount?

Approximately 2 feet of horizontal space, and 4 feet of vertical space.

How is the Wall Mount fixed to the wall?

We recommend mounting the Wall Mount to studs (wood or metal) for a secure attachment. The Wall Mount comes with wood screws, and we can recommend metal stud screws as needed.

Does the Pro Clinic Bundle have a warranty?

NecksLevel products are fully warranted against manufacturing defects for 1 year after purchase. If, for any reason, you experience mechanical failure during intended use, reach out to us at

What CPT codes are commonly billed when using the NecksLevel?

CPT Codes:

97112 - Neuromuscular Re-education

97110 - Therapeutic Exercise

97530 - Therapeutic Activity

How many NecksLevels are recommended per clinic?

1 NecksLevel for every 4 clinicians is recommended for busy clinics.

How long does shipping the Pro Clinic Bundle take?

All orders will ship within 1 business day of purchase. Tracking information will be provided when an order is fulfilled.

Does the NecksLevel rotate on the Wall Mount for sidebend and flexion/extension?

No, using the NecksLevel with the Wall Mount is ideal for rotation, isometric exercises in addition to vestibular rehab.

If something breaks on the NecksLevel, is it replaceable?

Yes. The NecksLevel Glide Pro is fully modular. Over time with regular use, the resistance bands, head pad, and headbands may require replacement and can be purchased here.

Are there tutorial videos to train my staff and I?

Yes, comprehensive tutorial videos for the NecksLevel Glide Pro & Wall Mount can be viewed on our Clinician Education page here.

Is there a recommended height to put the wall mount on the wall?

Yes. Mounting the Wall mount at the suggested height (see instructions) allows for both sitting and standing exercises for people of all sizes.

Weight & Dimensions of NecksLevel Glide Pro?


20 in x 6.5 in x 2.3 in (508 mm x 165 mm x 58 mm)


5.2 lbs (2.4 kg)

Weight & Dimensions of Wall Mount?


17.25 in x 43 in x 2.5 in (438 mm x 1092 mm x 64 mm)


10 lbs. (4.5 kg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Josh T.
Great addition to the NecksLevel system

The NecksLevel has been so helpful as an orthopedic physical therapist. I use it quite and bit, and even more now since the wall opens it up for more functional uses. It also looks great in PT clinics.

Tim B.

This has been the best thing for all my neck patients. No more awkward therabands around the face. No more mushing faces into physioballs. Love the ability to perform exercises in both unloaded and loaded spinal positions for optimizing both comfort and function. One of the best products you can buy for your clinic. Total game changer

Anna M.
NecksLevel Review

I use the NecksLevel almost everyday in the clinic and have seen impressive results clinically in both deep neck muscle strength as well as function. Patients also appreciate the ease that comes from the flexibility of using it in multiple positions and it is very easy to set up!