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Wall Mount
Corey B.

This device has been a game changer in clinic! The device was well thought through and serves for many purposes. This is heavily used in our clinic by all therapist.

NecksLevel Glide
Jeremy R.
Must have for combat sports practitioners!!!

As a BJJ and Muay Thai practitioner this is a must have!! Any combat sport consistently puts strain on your neck, wheather that is grappling, or taking strikes. I noticed that not only does the Neckslevel help your neck directly; but also taps into your traps and even upper rhomboids when they tend to lock up. This is way better than traditional bands, which I've found can help my neck, but put strain on my traps so it's more of a trade off. The Neckslevel hits all with multiple levels of (or no) resistance, so you can use it depending on how your are feeling at that givem time. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!!

Great addition to the NecksLevel system

The NecksLevel has been so helpful as an orthopedic physical therapist. I use it quite and bit, and even more now since the wall opens it up for more functional uses. It also looks great in PT clinics.


This has been the best thing for all my neck patients. No more awkward therabands around the face. No more mushing faces into physioballs. Love the ability to perform exercises in both unloaded and loaded spinal positions for optimizing both comfort and function. One of the best products you can buy for your clinic. Total game changer

NecksLevel Review

I use the NecksLevel almost everyday in the clinic and have seen impressive results clinically in both deep neck muscle strength as well as function. Patients also appreciate the ease that comes from the flexibility of using it in multiple positions and it is very easy to set up!

NecksLevel Glide
Amanda K.

The NecksLevel makes it much simpler to do neck exercises compared to using bands wrapped around my head. I’ve been doing the exercises my PT recommended way more than I used to because of how easy it is to use. At first it seemed pricey to me, but that alone makes it worth it. It's very easy to switch between stretching and strengthening and changing the levels of resistance. I’ve been following the Rehab Protocol for about a month and my neck pain is nearly nonexistent anymore.

NecksLevel Glide
Alessandro E.
Easy to use and Effective

I'm a JiuJitsu athlete, and I had some persistent neck issues, very limited ROM with shooting pains into my arm. Exercising with the NecksLevel along with other mobility drills has brought me back to a place where I can move and train freely without pain. I've tried bands, the Iron neck, and other devices, but NL has been the easiest and most practical method I've ever tried.

Necks Level

The NecksLevel has been an amazing addition to our clinic. The standing option of this product has provided so many new opportunities for our patients in need of neck mobility and strengthening exercises. As a Physical Therapist, I have found this product to be extremely effective and the patients love it as well.

Another Satisfied Customer!

The NecksLevel Pro Clinic Bundle has been a game changer for patients in our clinic who are unable to lay down to use it. The ability to use it standing is amazing for postural issues, chronic pain, folks who have mobility issues, as well as our vestibular patients and athletes. I've never heard a negative comment about it from patients or clinicians alike and have only heard, "how do I get one of these for home?" asked. Can't say enough good about Scott's product, every clinic needs one!

NecksLevel Glide
Oliver L.
Appreciate the device

I was introduced to this equipment by the Grappling Doc (Kenny) who works almost exclusively with combat athletes. I have been doing jiu jitsu and wrestling for nearly 20 years besides the wear and tear I occasionally mange to dig up my neck. The neckslevel has been a very nice addition to my strength and conditioning scheme in turns of its simplicity of use and effectiveness. It’s more rehab then pure strengthening, but considering my training and injury history, this device is much appreciated

NecksLevel Glide
Andrew D.
I love my NecksLevel

I’m an active father that likes to surf, workout, and play with my son. I always thought I was in tip-top shape until I tweaked my neck. This caused me serious pain and put me on the sidelines. No surfing, no horsing around with my son, and no workouts. I am doing much better now and the NecksLevel has become a staple of my workout program. I am determined to do my part to fix this weak link. The way the NecksLevel glides so smoothly is very satisfying. I love the easy-to-follow written and video instructions when you are first getting started. It’s a quick workout and I can already feel a difference. I am excited to continue to progress with bulletproofing my neck.

NecksLevel Glide
Pauline S.
A Life Changer

This is an answer to my prayers. I was in so much pain with degeneration in my neck. I would wake up from the pain at night and not be able to get back to sleep.The doctor said I have the neck of a 90 year old and I am only 60 years young. I have tried pt stretches and exercises over the years but they did not do much to help. Starting at just about two weeks after beginning the NecksLevel Glide, my pain has been greatly reduced and I have been sleeping like a baby. Love it! Thank you Neckslevel!!

Easy neck rehab

NecksLevel is a great product for neck rehab. As a physical therapist I had always struggled to come up with and progress neck strengthening exercises that were safe for the patient. NecksLevel is easy to use and can be used in a variety of ways to address the patient's impairments. I'm excited to continue using this product on my clinic and for further enhancements that will only improve the product further.

Great tool for neck rehab

As the owner of Albanese Physical Therapy I'm always looking for opportunities to differentiate my practice from others. NecksLevel has provided a product that does just that. It's a great tool for neck rehab and I have even incorporated into my shoulder rehab programs. I highly recommend this product for an outpatient PT practice. Scott Dickenson, the owner of the company, was great to work with and provided effective training.

Miracle Machine

My son is a professional golfer and was suffering from neck pain which wasn't allowing him to play golf. This miracle machine has changed that for him. He loves it and uses it regularly to keep the pain away.

Simple and Effective

I loved the simple design that allowed me to easily scale the resistance to my needs with the resistance bands. This is the perfect piece of equipment for an individual or small studio that wants neck specific training.

Compact and effective

I wasn't sure what to expect, but Necks Level is now incorporated into my workout circuit for neck strengthening. Could not believe how light and compact this equipment is! I appreciated the instructions that came with the machine to keep me engaged with a variety of exercises. I've noticed a decrease in my neck pain. Love it!

Amazing Tool for Cervical Region

Amazing tool to have for cervical region. The design is well thought out which makes it very versatile. It is frequently being used in our clinic!

Good support

The NecksLevel team was very helpful and informative with our zoom training for our NecksLevel device. We can’t wait to use it in our clinic!

Must have for home use

I’ve been to physical therapy for a neck injury four different times in the past 10 years. My neck always gets better while I’m seeing a therapist, but the exercises they send you home with never seem to do anything and the pain is back within a few weeks. I’ve been using the NecksLevel for a month now. It’s like having a physical therapist at home. Literally the only device I’ve used that strengthens, stretches, and has kept neck pain at bay.

Better patient experience

This device is the way to elevate your patient's rehab experience. I have been using the NecksLevel since a January. It is a simple, but safe device for patients to use. I highly recommend it.

Easy set up, great device

NecksLevel has been a great addition to our clinic. This device offers a great alternative to neck strengthening that is difficult to replicate with other therapeutic techniques but is easy to set up and teach to patients. We worked with Scott to get a NecksLevel unit in our clinic and the process was very simple and hassle free. Would definitely recommend to any practitioner that treats neck pain!

Elegantly Simple

Neckslevel is a great exercise device. It allows for concentric, eccentric, and isometric resistance exercises for the cervical muscles. It is very comfortable to use and the words "well-built" and "elegantly simple" come to mind to describe the product's design. We plan to use Neckslevel as part of an intervention to address neck pain and stiffness. Stay tuned!

My patients love it!

I am a Chiropractor and use the Clinic Pro model for my pain integrative management practice. What a game changer! My patients love it! Even better, they can transition to the home model and have continuity! Scott has invented the best cervical spine rehab + device as of yet!! Small foot print, super affordable and smoooooooth as butter in a Teflon pan.

J. Adam Wagner, D.C.


NecksLevel is truly NEXT LEVEL when it comes to rehabbing cervical spine pathologies or strengthening the cervical spine in general. It helps improve mobility and stability of the spine in a gravity lessened position which feels more comfortable for my patients. I highly recommend it!