Cervical Neck Traction Device

Neck Stretching (Neck Traction) with NecksLevel

What is a Neck Traction Device? 

Neck Traction devices gently pull the head away from the body to increase the space between your neck bones and take pressure off of irritated nerves and joints. 

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How does Neck Traction work?
Cervical Traction works by relieving pressure and creating space for the nerves in the neck. Irritated nerves cause pain, and oftentimes traction can improve this pain in a few seconds.

Will a Neck Traction device help me?
Medical Professionals will use neck traction if a patient has Cervical Radiculopathy (a "pinched nerve" in the neck) or other types of neck pain.

Where can I get Neck Traction?
To get neck traction at home, you will need a neck traction device, like the NecksLevel Pro, or you can go to a Physical Therapy or Chiropractic clinic where they will perform traction and other treatments to help your pain.

What Conditions do Neck Traction Devices help? 

Cervical Radiculopathy: also known as a "Pinched nerve in neck"

Cervicogenic Headaches: headaches that start in the neck and go to the head

Cervical Arthritis:
 also known as Degenerative Joint Disease in the neck

Neck Sprains: injured neck ligaments and muscles

Whiplash: sudden forceful movements of the head causing neck injuries

Pinched Nerves in Neck - Symptoms & Treatment with a Neck Stretching Device

Cervical Radiculopathy (Pinched Nerve in Neck)
is a medical diagnosis with the following symptoms:

Neck and Arm Pain

Symptoms can run down from the neck, into the shoulder, arm, and potentially to the hand.

Numbness and Tingling

Changes in sensation like pins and needles, or a total loss of feeling in parts of the arm and hand is possible

Arm Weakness

Pinched neck nerves can cause decreased strength in certain arm muscles

Does Neck Traction help Cervical Radiculopathy? 

Yes. This is a go-to treatment for pinched nerves in the neck for physical therapists and other healthcare providers.

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