Patents & Registrations

We are leaders in neck rehabilitation devices

Professional-grade neck rehab combines the NecksLevel SmoothGlide™ glider system with 6 levels of progressive elastic resistance - the essential combination to relieve neck pain, improve range of motion, enhance performance, and decrease injury risk. Our new NecksLevel Glide product line brings these two aspects together to rehab your body in a uniquely effective manner.
We have spent several years redesigning the NecksLevel Glide product line in order to come one step closer to perfecting the neck rehab process. Our products have been rigorously tested by physical therapists, physicians, & chiropractors to ensure their efficacy. As a result of our focus, NecksLevel devices are recommended by medical professionals to their athletes and patients.
Our engineering focus on design and performance has led to several advancements in form, glider friction reduction, noise reduction, and effectiveness. We have filed several patents to protect our intellectual property. We have received the following patents and await additional intellectual property.
Patent Information:
US Patent No. 11,547,902
US Patent No. 11,951,058
PCT: WO 2022/256149, 2020/061461