People with neck pain deserve better

The Problem:

Bad equipment, poor results

Without the right equipment, people with neck pain struggled to find lasting relief. The right neck stretches & strengthening exercises simply were not possible.

Just ask physical therapists. Neck rehab exercises in the clinic have always been a pain due to a lack of options. So, a team of physical therapists got to work to help their own patients with neck issues.

The Solution:

The right tool changes everything

Simple, smooth, & effective, the NecksLevel has quickly become the gold standard for neck rehab with clinics & professional sports teams.

We've grown from helping clinics to helping people rehab their neck from home. You'll be amazed what the right neck exercises can do for chronic neck pain & stiffness.

If you have chronic neck pain, we can help you.

End your search for neck pain relief. Experience the Doctor-recommended solution to get you feeling great again.
  • "I created NecksLevel to give those struggling with chronic neck issues the relief & strength they needed. As a physical therapist, my purpose is to help & heal. NecksLevel lets me help on a broader scale."

    Dr. Scott Dickenson

    Physical Therapist & NecksLevel Founder

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Put neck pain in the past

Glide into a healthier you

If you're in need of a real solution to neck pain, we can help you. We've helped thousands of people find relief and take back control of their life.

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