NecksLevel Reviews & Testimonials: Success Stories with NecksLevel

The NecksLevel is a Physical Therapy Clinic must have: Dan Chapman, PT, DPT, CSCS, OCS - Owner of Chapman Physical Therapy 

Dan Chapman is the Owner and Head Physical Therapist at Chapman Physical Therapy in Baltimore, Maryland. Here's why the NecksLevel is a no-brainer for clinic owners.  

A Mainstay in Our Cervical Rehab - Dr. Tim Brown, PT, DPT - Clinic Director - Excel Physical Therapy

Tim Brown is the Clinic Director of Excel Physical Therapy - Chalfont, Pennsylvania.  He and his staff of four Physical Therapists have two NecksLevels, which have become a staple in their Cervical Rehabilitation care. 

NFL Tight End and NecksLevel Athlete J.P. Holtz - "There's no other machine like it"

J.P. Holtz is a 6-year NFL veteran. Throughout his career he has played with the Cleveland Browns, the Washington Football Team, the Chicago Bears, and now the New Orleans Saints. He sits down with us to share why the NecksLevel has helped him stay on the field. 

"I Felt Like a Bobble Head" Rochelle's Cervical Radiculopathy- NecksLevel Story

Rochelle sits down to discuss her multi-year history of neck pain and resulting neck surgery. This is how the NecksLevel device changed her life.