Whiplash Injury, Whiplash Exercises, and Whiplash Stretches

Whiplash Rehab & Stretches with the NecksLevel Glide

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What is Neck Whiplash Rehabilitation?

Neck stiffness & neck pain after a whiplash injury is common but treatable. Specific neck stretching & strengthening exercises are important for relieving pain, stiffness, and having a full recovery.

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Whiplash Rehab Info:

What are the best neck exercises after a whiplash injury?

A combination of gentle neck stretches & neck strengthening exercises is best for recovering from a neck whiplash injury. We'll walk you through our recommendations in this blog.

Do whiplash rehab exercises help with my neck stiffness & pain?

The short answer is yes. Doctors commonly recommend specific neck exercises for whiplash rehab. The right neck exercises reduce neck pain and improve neck motion without aggravating your symptoms.

What is the NecksLevel? Is it good for Whiplash rehab?

The NecksLevel Glide & Glide Pro are neck strengthening & stretching devices invented by Doctors of Physical Therapy to help people with neck injuries.

NecksLevels are specially designed for gentle neck rehab exercise in pain-free positions.

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Whiplash Rehab: Simplified with NecksLevel

3 Neck Stretching & Strengthening Exercises for Whiplash Neck Pain Relief

1. Stretch Left & Right

STRETCH MODE: No resistance band

Difficulty with head turns left and right is common after whiplash injury. This rotation stretch helps unwind neck stiffness and improves side-to-side neck motion.

2. Strengthen Up & Down

STRENGTH MODE: Yellow (Level 1)

This motion is commonly overlooked following whiplash. The chin tuck motion strengthens the deep neck flexors - an important muscle group for good posture & pain relief.

3. Strengthen Left & Right

STRENGTH MODE: Yellow (Level 1)

Whiplash injuries cause neck weakness and muscle atrophy. Reverse these effects & prevent future injury by strengthening the rotation muscles like you see here.

Exercise Protocol for Neck Whiplash Injuries

This video shows our full recommended whiplash rehab program on the NecksLevel Glide & Glide Pro

FAQs - Whiplash Injuries

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Dr. Scott Dickenson, DPT, ATC

Physical Therapist

Scott is an Orthopedic Physical Therapist specializing in neck pain with nearly a decade of clinical experience. He regularly speaks at national Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, & Chiropractic conferences on neck injuries & rehab in sport.

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