NecksLevel Glide & Glide Pro Reviews

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Great clinical tool

We use the NecksLevel all the time for cervical strengthening and proprioception - it's MUCH easier than bands around the head, and I like that it can be used in supine, especially for patients with higher irritability. This has been a really helpful addition to our clinic, I use it several times a day!

You won’t be disappointed

Ok so I’ve been suffering with neck pains for quite a few years that, the pain would radiate to my shoulders and up to my ears. I have been through many doctors, MRI,s cortisone shots and PT. My last PT visit my therapist had this new NecksLevel device and as soon as I rested my head on this it it felt as if there was no gravity holding my neck back. I finally have almost full range of motion back and most importantly minimal pain. This device has given me honest relief and the customer service is outstanding as well. I highly recommend this device

Still fits!

Glad to see that these fit into our older model of the NecksLevel devices. Works perfectly as intended and even comes with resistances we didn't have before.

NecksLevel Glide
Justin C.

Very good piece of equipment to get your neck to the next level. Easy to use allowing you increase you movement with ease and also increase strength with the band system.

Premium product in every way!

A great product needs to be intuitive and effective. This checks both boxes 💯. If you have neck pain, you won’t be disappointed with this purchase!

More options

The additional bands have allowed my patients to expand their use of the NecksLevel apparatus beyond what they could have done with the origin product. As a result it will allow them to make better use of this device for even a longer period of time.
Well done!

NecksLevel Glide
Mohammad O.
Awesome neck work

I’ve been using this and it’s a game changer for neck pain.

A must have for the modern fitness regimen

As I use my phone, my computer, and my VR goggles more and more, I have spent more time than ever with my head angled downward and in front of my torso. With that, my neck extensors and upper back are continually under tension in the stretched position. I’ve found that my neck mobility has suffered over the years and I’ve had problems arise from this like headaches, limited shoulder mobility, and a general tightness feeling around my upper back, neck, shoulders, and upper chest. The Glide allows me to understand and precisely improve upon my neck mobility to counter the extreme positions my neck is put in. The product itself is very well made with high quality materials and is just as advertised. It’s a great product!

I have bone spurs in my neck.

Every few months they will flare up and cause neck pain that radiates into my shoulder and down towards my elbow. It usually takes a few weeks, chiropractic adjustments and even steroids to calm down enough to continue my strength training routine I the gym. I’ve been using neckslevel for just a week and can tell a very big difference already. This comes after using iron neck. I believe that neckslevel is far superior to the IN device and is so much simpler to use. I feel it a lot more in my neck and shoulder region. I look forward to what the next few years of use will do for me!

Simple to use and effective!

I first used the NecksLevel while in physical therapy, and became enamored with a device that was easy to use, yet very effective. It’s not inexpensive so I didn’t purchase it without considerable thought. I’ve found that I actually use it regularly, and the extra perks are the useful guides written by an actual physical therapist.

Finally Something that Helps Me!

I’be had instability in my neck for a long time now and this is the first exercise I’ve found that I can tolerate without flaring my neck. I’m really excited to see what progress I can make!

The NecksLevel has revolutionized neck strengthening and rehab!

The NextLevel device is a game-changer in sports rehabilitation!! Our clinic loves this device! Its sleek, user-friendly design and portability make it suitable for various settings. The device is incredibly effective for improving range of motion and neck strength, revolutionizing neck rehab. Patients have reported significant improvements in these areas within shorter timeframes compared to traditional methods. Overall, the NextLevel device is an invaluable tool that enhances therapeutic interventions and achieves better patient outcomes!

Another practical option in neck pain care.

Been using the NecksLevel unit for a variety of pt’s with a common denominator of neck pain and weakness. I can say with confidence that this has been one of the factors leading to improved outcomes and better overall satisfaction.
Well done NecksLevel!

The only piece of equipment you need to strengthening necks

I originally held off on ordering this for my clinic when I had trialed the first version. Scott made a lot of improvements on the latest version with including measuring units and also rounded out the edges. We use the Neckslevel regularly and have gotten a lot of positive feedback from our patients who have used it. Great piece of equipment for strengthening, but also for range of motion as well!

Great Product

As an orthopaedic spine surgeon, I treat patients with neck problems everyday. Recently, I have realized (as I have become older) that my own neck is stiff and lacks the range of motion I used to have. I used the NecksLevel Glide at the Premier Orthopaedics Physical Therapy office and found it to be an easy effective tool for me to work on my neck motion and relieve my pain. I then met with Scott and purchased a Glide for myself/home use. I highly recommend this to my patients and it's a great gift for friends.

NecksLevel Glide
William l.
Perfect for at home

If you are using a ball and bands for neck strengthening this is a must have. I never felt safe doing exercises with the ball and band for fear of re-injury or doing something wrong as when they show you how to use the ball and bands “ we say got it” but with reality there really is technique involved and not doing correctly may reduce any progress.
Plus it comes with one of the sexiest headbands, this may become a fashion statement for 2024!
Thanks for making Neckslevel an accessible product for home.

NecksLevel Glide
Vincent G.
An Innovative Design

This is the first neck rehab device I’ve seen with this kind of gliding design.

The device is great for building deep neck flexors with its weighted resistance, and the gliding allows for easy rotation exercises that I’ve never been able to do before. I fully recommend this device for anyone dealing with acute or chronic neck pain.

Great Product and Excellent Customer Service

This product has been a great addition to my clinic. I'm using it during all stages of cervical rehab, from beginner to advanced. Thanks, Scott and the Neckslevel team!

Love this tool

Great tool for working on AROM and strength exercises. Clients enjoy this better than the standards in the industry. Highly recommend.

Wall Mount
Corey B.

This device has been a game changer in clinic! The device was well thought through and serves for many purposes. This is heavily used in our clinic by all therapist.

NecksLevel Glide
Jeremy R.
Must have for combat sports practitioners!!!

As a BJJ and Muay Thai practitioner this is a must have!! Any combat sport consistently puts strain on your neck, wheather that is grappling, or taking strikes. I noticed that not only does the Neckslevel help your neck directly; but also taps into your traps and even upper rhomboids when they tend to lock up. This is way better than traditional bands, which I've found can help my neck, but put strain on my traps so it's more of a trade off. The Neckslevel hits all with multiple levels of (or no) resistance, so you can use it depending on how your are feeling at that givem time. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!!

Great addition to the NecksLevel system

The NecksLevel has been so helpful as an orthopedic physical therapist. I use it quite and bit, and even more now since the wall opens it up for more functional uses. It also looks great in PT clinics.


This has been the best thing for all my neck patients. No more awkward therabands around the face. No more mushing faces into physioballs. Love the ability to perform exercises in both unloaded and loaded spinal positions for optimizing both comfort and function. One of the best products you can buy for your clinic. Total game changer

NecksLevel Review

I use the NecksLevel almost everyday in the clinic and have seen impressive results clinically in both deep neck muscle strength as well as function. Patients also appreciate the ease that comes from the flexibility of using it in multiple positions and it is very easy to set up!

NecksLevel Glide
Amanda K.

The NecksLevel makes it much simpler to do neck exercises compared to using bands wrapped around my head. I’ve been doing the exercises my PT recommended way more than I used to because of how easy it is to use. At first it seemed pricey to me, but that alone makes it worth it. It's very easy to switch between stretching and strengthening and changing the levels of resistance. I’ve been following the Rehab Protocol for about a month and my neck pain is nearly nonexistent anymore.