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Getting Started & Neckslevel Rehab Protocol videos

  • Getting Started on your NecksLevel

    In this video, we cover all of the basics for using your

    NecksLevel and answer many of your FAQs.

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  • NecksLevel Rehab Protocol

    5 essential exercises that flow from one into the next.

    This 10 minute protocol is great for long-term pain relief and building a healthier neck.

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  • Advanced Rehab Protocol

    A more advanced group of 5 exercises for building neck strength & mobility. 10 minute protocol including face-down exercises

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  • 1. Rotation Stretch

    • Benefits: Reduced neck stiffness & tension. Better neck mobility during driving & sports
    • Instructions: Turn head left & right in stretch mode

  • 2. Resisted Rotation

    • Benefits: Neck pain relief & improved strength for key neck muscles. Injury risk reduction
    • Instructions: Turn head left & right in strength mode
  • 3. Isometric

    • Benefits: Improved posture & improved strength for key neck muscles. Injury risk reduction
    • Instructions: Preload the Glider, release hand & hold
  • 4. Chin Tucks

    • Benefits: Improved posture, stretches suboccipitals, strengthens deep neck flexors
    • Instructions: Look up & down in strength mode
  • 5. Sidebend Stretch

    • Benefits: Reduced neck & trap stiffness/tension. Better neck motion during sports
    • Instructions: Bring ear to shoulder, return to center
  • 6. Neck Crunch

    • Benefits: Improved posture & greater strength for deep neck flexors. Injury risk reduction
    • Instructions: Tuck chin toward chest, release & repeat

Stretch or Strengthen?

  • NecksLevel Stretch Mode Graphic

    Stretching Benefits

    Stretching exercises are great for improving neck motion, reducing neck stiffness, and relieving tension. Do the Rotation Stretch & Sidebend Stretch for these benefits.
  • NecksLevel Strength Mode Graphic

    Strengthening Benefits

    Strengthening exercises provide neck pain relief and help prevent future injury. To start, do Resisted Rotation for these benefits then try more.
  • Stretch Mode

    Exercise: Rotation Stretch
  • Strength Mode

    Exercise: Resisted Rotation
NecksLevel Band resistance weights

Strengthening: Resistance Level Guide

Options for every user

Start with the Standard Resistance Set for building neck strength and neck pain relief. Over time, work your way up to heavier resistances. The Advanced Resistance set is great for sports injury prevention & adding muscle.

  • NecksLevel Rehab Protocol

    Download PDF

    5 Exercise Flow for neck pain relief,
    strength, and neck mobility
  • NecksLevel Advanced Rehab Protocol

    Download PDF

    5 Exercise Flow for advanced neck
    strengthenging and rehab

Need a NecksLevel?

We've built all of our NecksLevel education around helping those struggling with chronic neck pain. You'll have all of the information you need to be successful by referring to this page and the printed NecksLevel Rehab Protocol cards in the box.

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