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Lie down, and feel better

All-in-one neck pain relief

Bring the physical therapy clinic to your home. Deep neck stretching and targeted neck strengthening is now simple and effective with the NecksLevel. Developed by doctors, our neck rehab devices are designed to give you a healthier, pain-free neck for good.

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End your search for neck pain relief

NecksLevel Glide

NecksLevel Glide: Small, compact relief

It's everything you'll need to treat the root causes of neck pain and stiffness.

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NecksLevel Glide Pro: Professional neck rehab

Built for athletes and clinicians looking to build neck strength, improve neck motion, and prevent injury

Real people. Real success stories.

  • Ana

    Pain after neck fracture
  • Shane O'Neill

    Pro soccer player with neck stiffness
  • Rochelle

    Pain after neck surgery

Which Neckslevel is right for you?

The perfect neck rehab device for home

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The ultimate neck therapy for rehab & strengthening

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MotionScale Built-in scale for tracking porgress



Glider Travel Total Glider motion available for exercises

10 inches

11.5 inches

Resistance Bands Included with device



Glider System Low-friction Ball Bearing Tech



Material Built durable to last a lifetime

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy

Wall Mount Compatible Sitting and standing exercise capabilities



Carrying Handle Great for easy transport



Doctor Invented. Doctor Recommended.

  • “From our clinics to the comfort of home, the NecksLevel is an innovative tool for neck rehab and strengthening.”

    Dr. Ken Johnson

    Johns Hopkins Medicine
    NecksLevel Headshot of User Ken Johnson
  • "NecksLevel is a practical solution for progressive resistance training in patients with neck pain to improve mobility, strength, and function."

    Dr. Laurie Devaney

    University of Connecticut
  • "Great, innovative device to help with neck strengthening. I appreciate the partnership with NecksLevel to allow us to research the benefits of the device.

    Dr. Kory Zimney

    University of South Dakota
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