Taylor Davis Violinist NecksLevel User

Taylor Davis

Violinist, YouTuber

Taylor Davis is a professional violinist and YouTuber with chronic neck pain. Over the years, she's discussed her neck issues on her channel of over 3 million subscribers.

She reached out to NecksLevel recently to see if we could help her. She shared this with us,

“My neck got to the point where I was having trouble functioning on a daily basis with normal life. I've spent a lot of money on physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractors, and various at-home tools and devices to try and manage it.”

Taylor would agree that playing violin puts the head and neck into awkward positions which can cause neck pain to develop over time. Add poor posture to being a new mother to two young boys, and producing music on the computer for long hours, and she found herself with debilitating neck pain. 

Within a week or two of using the NecksLevel she, “noticed [her] neck feeling more stable, more strengthened, and having less pain.” After taking pain medication daily she now, “can’t even remember the last time [she] took it for neck pain.”

“I feel really good after I do the NecksLevel Rehab Protocol. It feels like I've not only gotten a good stretch on both sides but also I feel strengthened.”

Taylor is now back to making music, enjoying life, and reports the NecksLevel has given her real peace of mind knowing that she has a tool to use regularly that gives her relief and keeps her doing the things she loves. 

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“The NecksLevel is amazingly comfortable to use and that surprised me because it looks a little intimidating with the different bands. I always feel better after I've done the NecksLevel Rehab Protocol. It not only strengthens but it stretches as well so I always look forward to using the NecksLevel.”

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Taylor's Testimonial

NecksLevel user Taylor Davis Violinist holding Glide

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Whether you're a professional musician, or sit at a desk for work all day, the NecksLevel Glide is the tool you need to relieve neck pain, stiffness, and build a healthier neck.

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