NecksLevel user Brent Urban on field

Brent Urban

NFL Player

In October of the 2023 season, NFL Defensive End Brent Urban was sidelined from a neck injury and unable to return. He was soon diagnosed with a Stinger, an injury that involves damage to the nerves in the neck. He began using the NecksLevel Glide Pro while rehabbing his neck with the Baltimore Ravens sports medicine team during this past season. 

Brent told us, “I have dealt with neck injuries on and off throughout my career so I was in the market for some type of device to use in order to strengthen my neck.” He has tried different neck strengthening devices in the past, but wasn’t satisfied with shrugs or the bulky neck strengthening machines. 

“The NecksLevel really helped work on my range of motion and strengthen those small neck muscles and that kind of prevented injuries moving forward.” 

In regards to the ease of use and minimal time required to use the device, he mentioned, “the NecksLevel was great for me during the season because when I had a little bit of time in between meetings I'd go into the training room and do 5-10 minutes of work.” 

He uses his NecksLevel 3 times per week to maintain his neck strength and flexibility in order to help him avoid neck and head injuries.

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Elite rehab from home

NecksLevel right after injury:

“Initially I had a lot of neck pain and stiffness in my neck. I was only able to do light range of motion and light resistance exercises on the NecksLevel. That really helped me proceed through my rehab and get my neck right so I think it would work for non-athletes, too. Whoever has neck pain, I'd recommend the NecksLevel.”

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Brent's Testimonial

Brent Urban Football Player holding the NecksLevel Glide

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