Patrick Mahomes on Football Field

Patrick Mahomes

3x Superbowl Mvp

You may have seen Patrick Mahomes use the NecksLevel Glide Pro on the new "Quarterback" documentary on Netflix. Episode 3, “Kings of Pain” dives into Mahomes's in-season workouts designed to help prevent injuries and improve performance. 

In order to avoid concussions and neck injuries, it’s important for Patrick Mahomes to have a strong, flexible neck. That’s where NecksLevel comes in. A few years ago, Mahomes’s trainer, Bobby Stroupe, reached out to us about the device. Soon enough his all-star quarterback was introduced to the NecksLevel Glide Pro. 

A stronger neck stabilizes the head and helps prevent the whiplash effect that occurs with concussions. The means that a strong, healthy neck can be the difference between Mahomes missing games from concussion, and leading his team to a Super Bowl.

The device caught Stroupe’s attention because the NecksLevel can uniquely target the rotation muscles of the neck. These muscles help Mahomes look downfield, complete throws, and absorb rotation impacts to the head.

Over the last two NFL seasons since Patrick Mahomes has had a NecksLevel, no concussions or neck injuries have been recorded. When we shouted out Bobby Stroupe on a recent NecksLevel Instagram post, Stroupe replied, “Thank you for making a great piece of equipment.”

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Patrick Mahomes uses the NecksLevel to fix up injuries and prevent concussions. If you're an athlete that's had neck or head injuries, the NecksLevel Glide Pro is a great way to start feeling better and stay healthy.

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